Site Identification

Corporate Properties’ retail expertise enables it to strategize markets for its retail client companies to ensure that optimal coverage and full potential are realized from each site. Residential homebuilders can profit from Corporate Properties market knowledge, familiarity with regional permitting processes and builder expertise in identifying attractive tracts for development.

Assured Financing

Corporate Properties has revolving loan agreements in place with several major financial institutions and established relationships with publicly traded REIT’s. This means that project funding is assured, store delivery is on time, and that financing delays and project mortality are eliminated.

Fee Development/Construction Management

Corporate Properties has in-depth experience as a preferred fee developer for several drugstores and grocery chains. From site acquisition through permitting and construction management, you can count on Corporate Properties to deliver a successful project.

Turnkey Built-to-Suit Development

Corporate Properties takes pride in its ability to deliver retail build-to-suit projects as promised and as planned, with no surprises. From individual stores to major market programs, you can trust Corporate Properties for your build-to-suit needs.

On-Time Store Delivery and Opening

Nothing is more important to Corporate Properties than delivering on its promise of on-time store openings. We know from years of experience the need to “ring the register” to generate the maximum sales - we get it done for you!